Chandidas Mahavidyalaya




A SWOC analysis is an effort to identify a college’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges that aims to assist in making strategic plans to future strengthen. Every institution has SWOC that varies institution to institution and needs to be assessed at certain interval.

In preparing this SWOC all teaching faculties, NTS and students were invited by the IQAC to put their observations and suggestions. Here feedback report collected from various stake holders have also been brought into consideration and finally this analysis has been prepared.


A strength is an institutional advantage which positively contributes to the college in attaining its objectives.

Tradition-This College is in a rural belt of an aspirational district-Birbhum. It was established in the year 1972 and has a long history for more than 50 years. Lots of people have been graduated through this institute and associated with this college. Since beginning it is co-ed in nature and thereby both male and female students get opportunity to study here.

Subjects variety-Wide variety of subject combinations offered to the students. Altogether 10 Honours subjects, 15 combination subjects are made available to the students.

Transparency-The administration of the college is highly transparent. Government’s Rule, concerned University’s Guidelines including reservation policy of the Government are strictly followed. Provisions of RTI is always maintainable.

Infrastructure-There are sufficient no of class rooms (28) designated to separate departmental use, laboratories (06), well-furnished seminar hall, auditorium, large playground and (07)Smart Class Rooms to cater the needs of ICT based teaching-learning, separate departmental chamber and other academic infrastructure. The area of the campus is 5.77 acre with 22700 SQ. Mt. built-up area.

Faculties-Out of the total faculties-45, 65% are PhD, M.Phil, NET/SET qualified and two of them are research guide. Also almost all teaching faculties have digital smartness. During lock down period there were smooth academic and non academic exchanges between teachers, students and management.

Library-The library of the college is one of the key area of strength which well equipped with rich collection of text books, reference books and rare books of 23,477, journals & CDs including e-resources through Inflibnet N-List Programme is more than 6,000. Large and spacious separate reading rooms with modern amenities and reading materials for use of both students and teachers.It is partially automated with own server and software.

Teaching-Learning and Evaluation- Innovative methods of teaching learning have been applying. Division of syllabi into modules, student subject aptitude test, apprising of programme outcomes(POs) and curse outcomes(COs) Power point presentation, continuous internal evaluation, supplying study materials etc.

Internal personal relationship-There is good relation among the staff and between students and staff. There is no and day loss due to any agitation or students movement. On a regular basis department wise PTM is also held.

Clean and Green campus-This has been looked into very seriously. In the college there is more than 10,000 Sft. green belt and a peaceful ambience.

Inclusiveness and Diversity-This is rural area and students are mainly from 1 st generation learners family. All staff and students belong to different communities. Although there is no any inter faith misunderstanding.

Scope of extracurricular activities- There are vibrant NSS, NCC, Games & sports committee and Cultural committee, where students get scope to flourish their talent.

Skill Development Programmes- In the college there are many running Add-on courses, like Communicative English, Basic Computer Literacy Programme and Job oriented courses like Hand Embroidery.

Hostel and canteen facility-Girls hostel is going to be inaugurated and there is sophisticated canteen.

Surveillance-Almost entire campus is well secured with nearly 60CC TV

Digital communication-Wide circulation of any information regarding teaching, learning, administration is done through website, college Apps (chandidasmahavidyalaya- available in Google Play Store) etc.

Strong precautionary measures-In respect of Ragging, sexual harassment, discriminatory act there are separate committee/squad for constant vigil. This campus has made a ragging free campus.

Eco friendly campus-Eco-friendly initiatives like-solar panel, waste management, water recharging, rain water harvesting etc. have been undertaken

Democratic management-In all respect a collective decision is resolved through designated committee/sub-committee. There are 31 such committees/sub committees where individual’s opinion is priced.


A weakness is a factor requiring improvement internally. These factors create some disadvantages to take the advantages of opportunity.

a) Students crunch in Science, Commerce and Economics-Very poor enrolment in Science, Economics and Commerce disciplines. Maximum aspirants are from Arts back ground.

b) Lack of Research facility-As in the UG institute there is main focus in teaching-learning and thereby there is least opportunity in research.

c) Lack of professional courses- Absence of Professional courses and PG course is very prominent. Mere UG course is not sufficient in the job market.
d) Absence of industry-institute linkages- Due to location it is lacked of industry-linkage and collaboration and resultant absence of campus placement.
e) Location barrier-It is remote college and in the rural belt. A handful no. of public vehicles ply through this stop.

f) Non vibrant Alumni-As almost all the students come from socially and economically poor back ground and consequently there is no soundness of alumni activity after pass out.
g) Inadequate NTS- This college is totally depended upon the policy of the Government. Its appointment is made through Government. During last 7 years there is no any approval to fill the vacancy of NTS.
h) Dropout rates- As the most of the students are first generation learners and due to the low level of understanding of their parents on higher education, many bright students even left the track of their study. Besides, their family’s insolvency is also one of the causes of dropout.
i) Irregularity of the students and parents’ awareness-Absence of parents’ close supervision and objectless guidance both leads to insincerity of the students and they become irregular in classes without check.
j) Non dedication attitude of the staff-It’s a big concern that certain percentage of staff don’t understand their responsibility and rather their non dedicated attitude and insincerity is felt prominently.


a) Need based course-There is ample opportunity for agro based courses, UG course in Physical education, Job oriented diploma courses etc. All these are for employment generation.

b) Infrastructural facility-As such present non human infrastructure is somehow manageable but in opening up of PG course and other diploma course appointment of qualified human resource as well as enhancement non human infrastructure have to be addressed.

c) Linkages between industry-institution-In running the existing UG course or after completion of such courses there should have opportunity for the students to pursue various job seeking opportunity and that are to be conducted by the industry at their need.

d) Transport facility-This college is as such a remote college and established in the rural belt. In addition to this there is a major concern of transportation. If it improved that outside good aspirants may get enrolment in the college.


These are such factors that institution face difficulties to implement the scopes of opportunity.
a) Absence of feeder school to supply students of Economics, Commerce and Science-In the catchment area there are many schools which do not have Economics, Commerce or Science streams and ultimately the impact falls upon the college.
b) Absence of Government grants in conduction seminar, research etc.- There is prominent that non availability of Government grant in supporting major/minor research and even conducting national/ international seminar.
c) Institution-industry collaboration/linkages-Although it is very necessary but it is absent due to its location. This is major challenge of the college.
d) MOU with renowned institution-As this is rural and remote college and striving to disseminate higher education among the local needy people who do not have broad outlook and thereby MOU with renowned institution is near to impossible.
e) Lacked of autonomy-It is Govtt. aided college and affiliated to The University of Burdwan and bound to comply all of their regulations in financial management, administrative management and framing of syllabus. College do not have any autonomy.
f) Intake enhancement and establishment of new colleges in the adjacent area-In enhancement of intake university doesn’t consult with the college but apply a general formula to enhance of 10% and along with this foundation of new colleges of same nature by the Govtt. have collectively lead to drop of enrolment in the college in recent years.
g) Local people awareness and financial strength-These two issues are very vital in prospering higher education. In respect of the college lacked awareness in higher education of the families (from where students come) and their financial weaknesses have major negative impact in the progress of higher education as a whole.