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“Without geography you're nowhere.” - Jimmy Buffett

“Geography is the study of earth as the home of people.” - Yi-Fu Tuan

 “The policies of all powers are inherent in their geography.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

About the Department

Due to the growing interest in studying geography among students, the Geography Department was established in 2002. It was initially established as a General subject, then in 2005, the first Geography Honours programme was initiated. The courses in this department are affiliated to The University of Burdwan.  There were once two rooms and a small laboratory in the initial phase of development. The geography department has improved along with advancements in college facilities. In 2011, a large laboratory cum teachers’ room was established and Remote Sensing based computer laboratory was started in 2014. The department has now been shifted to the newly constructed Annex Building 1st Floor in 2021 with modern facilities and amenities. The department now has a separate general laboratory, a lab for RS-GIS, a smart classroom, high-speed internet connectivity, digital printing, and a large inventory of instruments. The faculty at the department is outstanding in both teaching and research, and they are all very energized and enthusiastic. In its twenty-year history, this department has generated some extremely bright young minds who have made contributions to a variety of societal fields.


B.A./B.Sc. Honours in Geography (For Syllabus - Click Here )

B.A./B.Sc. General in Geography (For Syllabus - Click Here )

Important Links for Geography Students



ISRO ( )

IIRS ( )

NRSC ( )

USGS Earth Explorer ( )

NASA ( )

Google Earth ( )

Online Learning Platforms


MIT Open Courseware -

Swayam – ( )

Wikipedia - 


  • Laboratory: Geography General Laboratory consists on different sections –

Soil and Water Testing Section,, Map Study Section (Topographical Sheet, Geological Map, Weather Map, Mouza Map and Thematic Map), Light-Tracing Section, Hydro-Meteorological Section

Rocks & Minerals Section - Click Here

  • Instruments: The department is equipped with huge storage of necessary instruments required for Geography study. (Click Here to see the details)
  • Teaching Aid: One smart class room with ICT facility, Computers, Digital Printer:
  • Remote Sensing-GIS cum Computer Laboratory: - Click Here

Research Activities - Click Here

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Previous Year University Questions: 

The Department stores Question Papers of previous University Examinations for the sake of the students. The Course wise question papers are given in the following (please click on the Course to download the questions) –

CC-1, CC-2, CC-3, CC-4, CC-5, CC-6, CC-7, CC-8, CC-9, CC-10, CC-11, CC-12, CC-13, CC-14, DSE-1, DSE-2, DSE-3, DSE-4

Questions of 2022-23 Session:

CC-5 , CC-6 , CC-7 

CC-13 , CC - 14 , DSE -3 , DSE -4

Departmental Academic Calendar 2022-23 - Click Here

Departmental Academic Calendar 2023-24 - Click Here

Departmental Syllabus Distribution 2022-23 - Click Here

Departmental Syllabus Distribution 2023-24 - Click Here

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Departmental Teaching Module (Gen) 2022-23 - Click Here

Departmental Teaching Module 2023-24 - Click Here

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“Geography blended with time equals destiny.” - Joseph Brodsky


Departmental Profile
Prof Indrajit Mandal Assistant Professor Geography 9733562408
Dr Kaustuv Mukherjee Assistant Professor & HOD Geography 8101017551
Prof MANABENDRA ROY SACT Geography 9732313998
Prof Arijit Ghosh SACT Geography 9434110808
Prof Sahidul Islam SACT Geography 8759215003