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Departmental Overview


Keywords: Nurturing the values of honesty, dedication, cooperation, perseverance and hard work and creating responsible citizens.

About the Department:

The Department of Political Science offers an undergraduate three years honours course and Generic Elective Course (GE) for other honours' students and General Core Course (GCC) only for pure general students. The honours course was inaugurated from 2005. The department has five faculties whose specialization areas are different like Dr.Subhas Singha Roy is of Public Administration, Prof. Aziz Hasan is of Public Administration, Prof. Md Hefjullah is of Public Administration, Prof.Sk Minhajuddin is of International Relations and Prof. Kafiullah is of Political Sociology. The Motto of our department is to bring the students including alumni and current students into one umbrella. In short it's like a family. Our teachers inculcate into the students about the various areas of political science like political sociology, political economy, gender sensitization, public administration, international relations, human rights and so on. Our department also offers an Add-on Course on human rights. Our department has also started a faculty exchange program at various times to facilitate the students to get different lectures from other departmental teachers. Our department has also organized many national, international and state level seminars, webinars and workshop programmes to develop the knowledge of the students on various disciplines. Our faculty members use innovative teaching methods to make teaching-learning more interesting. Hence, they use different tools like debates, discussions, movie-screenings, quizzes and dramas and so
on. Public lecture series and workshops designed around the course are also provided by the teachers to provide extensive knowledge to the students. Project presentations on contemporary political themes involving original thinking and relevant research are an integral part of learning. Our department actively engaged in the teaching-learning process during Covid-19 Pandemic by using various modern online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom apps, Google classroom etc. The department conducted regular online classes through Google Meet, faculties encourage students in this sensitive time to stay at home and keep reading. Our faculties also personally cared for the poor students who were unable to recharge their net pack. Our main motto was to bring the students in online classes on a regular basis.

    The department recognizes the project work as an academic requirement for all courses. Students do their project work in specific papers under the supervision of a faculty. In this programme they learned problem finding, question formulation, case study methods, etc. Students are allowed to do their project work individually or by group. Chandidas Mahavidyalaya is a rural college and most of the students are technologically unskilled. To improve the technical skills among students our department has in various times a soft skill development programme. Our department organized a class on how to search email, send email and search websites etc. It is a student-centric department and just like a family. College students are like our children and brothers. All faculties help them not only with educational purposes, students also share their every problem without any hesitation to the faculties. Faculties help them for their best. Many students of our department got honorable jobs. Minimum 65% of students are engaged in higher education, 20% are Preparing for competitive exams and 15% of students are self-employed. Every student is connected with us. They sometimes share their success stories and sometimes failures. All faculties always try to encourage them in every crucial situation and motivate how to overcome this situation and come forward. Two family groups, the Political Science Family and the Political Science praktoni connect them with us.
     Different faculties are specialized in different fields. They deliver their knowledge for the best and encourage students to attend regular classes.

Our Mission:

  • Encouraging holistic and skill-based development of students through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning.
  • To develop critical learning skills and comparative analysis skills.
  • Familiarizing the students in Indian socio-cultural diversity, Indian polity and democracy.
  • Sensitizing on community development and coexistence.
  • Encouraging them self-reflection of the recent social-political scenario.


  • Develop problem solving and communication skills.
  • Develop leadership skill
  • Develop ICT skill
  • Knowledge transmission
  • To develop a college centric mind of the student.
  • To create socialized mind set to respect human and human rights

Courses Offered by the Department:

  • B.A. HONOURS IN POLITICAL-SCIENCE: Under Semester (I-VI) with CBCS Syllabus. ‚Äč Click to view
  • B.A. GENERAL IN POLITICAL-SCIENCE: Under Semester (I-VI) with CBCS Syllabus.  Click to view

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Departmental Academic Calendar 2023-24:  Click to view

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Departmental Syllabus Distribution 2023-24:  Click to view

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Departmental Teaching Module 2023-24:  Click to view

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Departmental Profile
Dr SUBHAS SINGHA ROY Associate Professor & HOD Pol. Science 9474488201
Prof Karan Vora Assistant Professor Pol. Science 8240025171
Prof Aziz Hasan SACT Pol. Science 9732163640
Prof Kafiullah SACT Pol. Science 9735902311
Prof Md Hefjullah SACT Pol. Science 9732292416
Prof Sk Minhajuddin SACT Pol. Science 9593252310