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"Botany, the eldest Daughter of Medicine" - Johann Hermann Baas

"The true Laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions we uncovered the laws of truth"Jagadish Chandra Bose

The Department of Botany was established and offered three-year Graduate programme Courses from 2001 onwards and affiliated under the University of Burdwan. The department provide a detailed understanding of classical as well as modern aspects of Botany. Moreover, the department offers job-oriented courses like Herbal technology, Floriculture, Tissue culture etc. Many successful students produced over the years and many of them have established themselves in different fields. The department offered adequate skills and proper guidance to the students so that they can have a successful carrier. The department also educate the students, how to respect our environment. Now the department is mainly focusing on implementation of ICT tools for the improvement of teaching-learning method. The faculty at the department is outstanding in both teaching and research, and they are all very energized and enthusiastic. The department has generated some extremely bright young minds who have made contributions to a variety of societal fields. In a variety of academic and non-academic sectors, the Alumni have demonstrated their abilities.


Department committed to achieving excellence in dissemination and creation of knowledge to address modern day challenges in Plants and Environment.


The Department continue to foster:

  • Development of independent learning and thinking capacities of students.
  • Employability skills of the students that enrich their profession and communities.
  • To generate new knowledge and thereby intellectual growth related to addressing problems in the areas of Plants and their environments at local, regional and global scale.
  • Establishment of linkages with local and other state colleges for betterment of students of the department.


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    U. G. Result 2022

  • Number of Student appear= 03
  • This year all the students obtained CGPA of more than 7 in the final examination.

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Dr Subhajit Mondal Assistant Professor Botany 7679615264