Chandidas Mahavidyalaya


The college library is easily accessible. It has a good collection of about 23,000 books and periodicals. It also possesses well-equipped reading rooms both for the teachers and the students separately. The students of the Honours courses may collect three books and general course students may take two (2) books at a time but they must return the books within fifteen days. All books must be returned before filling up the form for the final examination. Our college library is operated by SOUL Soft-ware and students many use the requisite password for availing e-Resource facility. students may consult the librarian for any kind of support in the library if necessary.


The college has raised “Students’ Aid Fund” to use as a student support for academic excellence. The fund renders financial assistance to the poor and deserving students. A student requiring financial assistance shall apply within three months of the commencement of their academic session.


Limited number of free studentships or half-free studentships are also avail­able to meritorious and deserving students as per the West Bengal Govt. Rules. Only those candidates may apply for these kinds of studentships who have secured at least 50% marks and attended 75% classes. students fulfilling such conditions but who have not received any support from any other source may apply to the principal attaching income certificate of appropriate authority.

Qualifying in the test examination and attending regular classes are preconditions for applying for free studentship.


The college offers various types of Merit Scholarships to the deserving and meritorious students. talented students may have the opportunity to avail government scholarships as well as those sponsored by private organizations. We also offer three memorial awards. Bhaktipada-Mayalata Roychaudhury Smriti puraskar is given to a student who secures the highest marks in Hons. Subjects. Promathonath Smriti Puraskar is meant for the most meritorious student in the Department of Bengali Hons. And the Kalyan Roy Smiriti Puraskar is awarded to the best student of Science.


Willing candidates may participate in either NSS (National Service Scheme) or NCC (National Cadet Corps) programmes that are held in the college. Through NSS the students can take part in various social works, for ex­ample, Literacy and Adult Education Programmes, voluntary services during natural calamities like flood and famine etc. The participating candidates will get certificates which will be of much help for them.


There is a company of wise and efficient teachers who regularly teach the students with utmost care. They also use a number of teaching aids for making lectures more effective and attractive. Their friendly behaviour and sympathetic co­operation & counselling immensely benefit the students.



Seminar, debates, panel discussions on various subjects/topics are regu­larly organized and the students are motivated to participate in these events which obviously enhance their horizon of learning. Presence of students is compulsory in any programme organized in the college.


All the students of the college are considered ordinary members of the students’ union and the Principal of the college acts as its ex-officio presi­dent. The students’ union has a vital role to play for maintaining the healthy atmosphere of the college.


Praktoni is the alumni association of this college which has been functional since 2002. The objective of the Praktoni is to enable the ex-students to keep in touch with one another and to get them involved in helping the college authority in the overall development of the institution.

Games and Sports

There are arrangements for various indoor and outdoor games in the college. Annual sports are generally held in the middle of January every year. Students must participate in Annual sports organised by the college.

College Magazine

The college magazine named 'PRATEETI' is published every year. Students are advised to submit their articles for the college magazine before Puja Vacation. No article will be accepted during or after the vacation.

For Parents

Parents are requested to be sincerely aware about the activities of their wards in the college, i.e., regularity in attendance, behaviour in the college, etc. They are further requested to collect information about the performances of their wards from the college office only. The guardians must be present at the time of admission of their wards.

Course Outreach Programme

Each Department conducts course outreach programme in the nearby places to increase the subject exposure of the sudents. It helps the students to learn directly from field.

Study Tour

The Department of Geography conducts the Compulsory Study Tour for the students of Geography in various parts of India. It increases the overview of the students about the socio-economic as well as environmental background of different parts of India.